Google Distributed Cloud Virtual is a complete software and service-only solution for consistent management and developer experience. Today, enterprises use VMs over containers, so Google brought Virtual Machine support in Google Distributed Cloud Virtual. With the availability of Virtual Machine support in GDC Virtual, the DevOps team can run VMs on the Google Cloud Platform. Virtual machine support helps you to achieve declarative configuration, observability, monitoring, and container-based deployment.

Google Distributed Cloud Virtual

Google Distributed Cloud virtual provides a consistent development, security, and management experience for your infrastructure with Anthos API. Also, you can choose a software-only solution and prefer to be managed by Google or another partner. GDC Virtual is self-managed and deployable onto virtual machines with customization based on your choice. The software-only solution of GDC Virtual provides you:

  • Management and automated provisioning of VM’s GKE clusters and existing bare metal infrastructure.
  • Building and deployment of container-based workloads to Kubernetes directly or an application runtime.
  • Applying security, access control, and identity management across cloud and on-premises clusters

If you have a significant investment in your own VM environment. Selecting GDC Virtual enables you to leverage your existing infrastructure to run new and modernized applications. Likewise, as many enterprises are modernizing their applications using containers and Kubernetes, millions of them are running in VMs. So to modernize their VMs, it is necessary to migrate to Google Cloud or containers on GKE or Anthos.

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Anthos to run and manage VMs and Containers

Anthos VM Runtime is the heart of VM support in Anthos, and this extends the open-source Kubevirt technology. Kubevirt with Anthos on bare metals will simplify your installation and upgrade experience. GDC provides network enhancement support for multiple network interfaces for VMs and IP/MAC stickiness to enable VM mobility that is also compatible with Kubernetes pod (multi-NIC). Also provides VLAN integration by enabling you to apply L4 Kubernetes network policies for an on-premises, VPC-like, micro-segmentation experience. A VM admin will get the advantage of VM high availability and simplified Kubernetes storage management.

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VMs running on Anthos in Google Cloud Console

With Google Clouds assessment and migration tools, you can know whether Anthos is the right technology for your VM workloads. Fit assessment tool collects data about your VMware VMs and generates a detailed report. This report will give the effort required to containerize the VM and migrate it to Anthos or GKE as a container or migrate it to Anthos as a VM.

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fit assessment report of VMs that can be shifted to Anthos as VMs

After identifying the VMs to migrate, use the Migrate to Containers tool to migrate VMs to Anthos from the command line or the console.


With the Virtual Machine support in Google Distributed Cloud Virtual, you can migrate and run your VMs alongside containers on Google Cloud-connected platforms in their data center or at the edge. And GDC Virtual will provide you with a consistent container and VM operations.

Metclouds Technologies can help you to assess your VM workloads and migrate your virtual machines to Anthos with GDC Virtual