Automated SMS and Voice Calls using PLivo App


A plugin created for CRM platforms in order to send SMS and Voice Calls using PLivo SMS API and PLivo Voice API. The plugin lets you verify phone numbers using OTP authentication, and send out SMS and Voice Call reminders and alerts.

Shopify App for AliExpress Dropshipping


A Shopify app for AliExpress dropshipping. This app enables the Shopify store to sell anything that AliExpress sells on their websites. You can import products and showcase as if you handle the warehousing. All orders are channeled seamlessly into AliExpress using our Shopify App. AliExpress Drop shipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store [...]

Cloud Portal For Apache CloudStack


This project is done for a cloud hosting provider. The cloud portal application is developed in order to make it easier for customers to manage their server instances and server resources. This is accomplished using Apache Cloud Stack API. The main modules are User center, Management center and Admin panel.

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