Robotic Process Automation is a software technology that gives an end to the repetitive task in business processes. UiPath process mining analyzes data from business applications to understand end-to-end processes. Analyzing the data from a business application helps you know what to automate, how to improve your processes, and how to overcome if any impact occurs. Key benefits of UiPath process mining are:

  • Survey every process in an enterprise with less human effort.
  • Analyze all the processes.
  • A better understanding of the current process to know your new technology is up and running.
  • Any industry can use process mining.
  • Improve customer experience and user satisfaction.

UiPath Process Mining architecture

UiPath Process Mining

App/Discovery accelerators take the data, convert data and display it in the dashboard. Git stores these dashboards and collaborative developments. TRACY is a layout algorithm for process mining that defines the process graph. In-memory databases store all data for process mining algorithms. R/Python is for easy integration of machine learning.

Process Mining

Step 1: Enterprise systems like SAP, Salesforce, or Oracle captures event data related to your processes. Process mining will read this data and transform it into an event log. The event log contains a timestamp, a case ID, and an activity.

Step 2: With the event log, process mining automatically creates a process graph that lets you understand every detail of your process. Given below is an example of the process graph.

process mining

Step 3: Process mining tools’ visualization capabilities help you build and prioritize your automation pipeline or process optimization efforts. And you can immediately understand the impacts of proposed process changes or automation.

Also, you can build an ROI pipeline for your automation programs.


Step 4: Process mining continuously monitors and measures the results to keep track.



UiPath process mining automatically discovers the entire business process and finds the points where to be concentrated. Then automate and improve end-to-end business processes​. Thus UiPath process mining delivers the full potential automation for your business processes.

If you’re thinking about automating your business processes, Metclouds Technologies can help you with UiPath Process Mining.