Gadget for Shopify checkout UI extension development allows you to customize the look and feel of the Shopify checkout experience for your customers. Add custom fields, sections, and content to the checkout pages to enhance the customer experience and collect additional information.

Steps for Shopify checkout UI extension development

Here we have a sample extension banner ‘Hello!’. To build a Shopify UI extension, we have to go through the process of setting up a new CLI app.

Step 1. Get the Gadget app and install it on the development store.


Step 2. Create a new CLI app, and here select all the node names.

Shopify plus

Step 3. Go with the command yarn generate extension, checkout yes new app on Shopify. Select Checkout UI as an extension type. Select a default name, then select JavaScript React to work on it.

Step 4. Open the extension on VSCode. For that, click on Open folder, select commercial-revenue-app, and click Open.

shopify Checkout UI Extension Development

Step 5. Go back to the JavaScript and start running the app. You will get the web console that Shopify provides. Set the store name as “test with sample data” and wait for some time.

Step 6. Open the URL that pop-ups.

Step 7. Copy the checkout ui extension, and paste it into Chrome.

shopify plus development services

In the browser, you can see the checkout extension.

Shopify plus

Step 8. To change extension information to Hello, open commercial-revenue-app.

Step 9. On the left panel, click on src under extensions and under the index.jxs change the command to <Banner title=”Hello”> and press save.

Now go back to the browser, and the extension is changed to Hello.


To deploy this extension app,

Step 10. Go to commercial-revenue-app and click on the app. Then stop running, deploy it to the partner’s app, and deploy it to push changes.

This will push all the extension codes to Shopify, and so Shopify hosts the extension. You can see the extension development app if you navigate to the Shopify Partners dashboard.

Step 11. Click on Extension on the left panel, there you can see your “profitable-projection-ext” app. Click on it to create a version and publish it.

Shopify UI extension development

Next, you need to provide some instructions to the admin page. For that, make changes to the code from the extension development gadget app.

Shopify UI extension development can be a powerful way to customize the checkout experience for your customers and enhance your Shopify store’s functionality. With the right tools and resources, you can create UI extensions that provide a seamless and engaging checkout experience for your customers, helping to drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

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