Automation is the pillar of modern businesses. Intelligent automation with UiPath drives significant cost savings, efficiencies, and improvements in quality across the lifecycle of products – including design and development to manufacturing, testing, and maintenance. However, automation relies on robust technology platforms with strong security controls to ensure that data is protected while it moves between devices. Intelligent automation sits at the crossroads of artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), and cloud platforms. Artificial intelligence automation works with humans to bridge people, processes, and systems.


Intelligent Automation

Compared to humans, the anatomy of IA consists of:

  • Vision – eyes of the new automated workforce, which take care of routine tasks, leaving humans to focus on creativity and innovation.
  • Execution – hands and legs of the automated workforce that Automate your workflows and create bots and AI assistants to align with your purposes.
  • Language – mouth, and ears of your automated workforce, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, this component of IA helps robots understand natural language conversations with colleagues and customers.
  • Thinking and learning – the brain of the automated workforce, is powered by machine learning.
Intelligent Automation with UiPath

Capabilities of IA

Benefits of IA

  • IA will help increase process efficiency.
  • Improve the customer experience by automating actions in your software to improve workflow and reduce errors.
  • Automatize your back office operations.
  • With IA, you can save money and reduce risks.
  • Fraud detection and monitoring to avoid significant losses.
  • Can develop new products and services.


Software robots can automate business processes done by humans. RPA with AI makes robots read documents and emails, analyze language and images, and understand the intent and content of communications. Software robots are great at completing routine and repetitive work, so with AI, they can focus on complex analysis and data extraction tasks that humans cannot carry out effectively. Also, robots can think and understand on their own. Intelligent Automation with UiPath is propelling automation forward, driving it to do more while continuously improving by learning from humans. AI is a strategic enabler that helps accelerate business results. It can help organizations deliver on their strategy and bring new products in record time with better accuracy, productivity, and ROI. With AI, RPA robots can make decisions, find the best solution for a problem, and even write well-formatted documents.


Intelligent Automation with UiPath makes the robot work with unstructured data like invoice extraction, email routing, and more. IA puts robots to work on variable data like CV/resume matching, purchase decisions, and language translation. The power of AI makes robots work on Predictive outcomes like property valuation, loan default prediction, and inventory forecasting. Overall, robots with AI will do everything humans do, with more perfection, error-free, and unbelievable speed.

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