Employee onboarding is a long process in which a newly hired employee integrates into that organization. Integration includes completing the initial new-hire orientation process and understanding the organization and structure, culture, vision, mission, and values of it. From the time an offer is released, the onboarding process will start. Then employees have to go through:

  • Offer Acceptance
  • Waiting period
  • The day of joining

Benefits of employee onboarding automation with UiPath include:

  • Reduce the confusion made by paperwork.
  • Minimized manual intervention and human errors.
  • The process flow will be consistent for all new hires.
  • Can reduce the workload of the HR team.

There will be a personalized app for employee onboarding automation, And here we will go through different steps in this process.

Steps in employee pre-boarding automation

After signing the offer letter, the employee will receive a welcoming email with a link to access the pre-boarding portal. This portal can access through a mobile phone, computer, or tablet.

Step 1. Enter the app, where you will get a complete view of your pre-boarding tasks with their start date, due date, and completion date. The app sends reminders to complete the tasks before the deadline.


You can upload your ID, create a profile, and build a desk. The app saves your progress in every step using the UiPath path data service, so you can come back and resume. By finishing the pre-boarding task, the app congratulates you and invites you to connect with the company’s social media.

Robotic Process Automation

You no longer have to check your email to get the start date, due date, offer letter, and more, as everything is in one place.

Step 2. Click on the Timeline tab to know the upcoming events. The timeline includes estimated delivery dates for your welcome package and equipment ordered during pre-boarding.

employee onboarding automation

Step 3. Click the track to check the status of your package without leaving the app.

This app uses an API connection with FedEx created using UiPath’s new connector builder for integration service. This service unlocks the power to connect with any application through an API directly from apps without having to call a robot.

Steps in employee onboarding automation

Step 1. Click on the link sent to your email to access the onboarding application. The app is One Touchpoint for everything onboarding.


Onboarding tasks include anything related to equipment, access, and more. The app’s home page shows the tasks to complete, their status, and what downstream systems they may impact. In that, some tasks are completed by the robot, including grant applications based on the role, ordering business cards, and downloading required software for your computer. For humans, these tasks may take weeks to complete. But, the bot will take care of it based on the context that the company already knows about you, including your role, region, and department.

Step 2: Click on Schedule 1on1 with the hiring manager. The form will automatically suggest the time block that works for the manager and new hire.


Step 3: Select the preferred time and hit OK.

Now the meeting is scheduled and outlook instantly without leaving the app. At the back end, this is powered by the UiPath integration service, which enables automation through direct API calls at lightning speed.

Step 4: Go to the next task, a 30-60-90 day plan to complete your goal in the next 3 months.

Step 5: Hit Submit. Then this is handed over to a cloud robot that will manage the approval flow using UiPath’s long-running workflow capabilities.

With cloud bots, a company can unlock the power of workflow automation without the burden of additional infrastructure.

Robotic process automation

Step 6: Navigate to the tab Equipment tab.


Here you can view all the equipment that you have received. In this section, you can either submit a ticket for the wrong equipment or order a new one.

Step 7: Go to the Communication tab. Here the details will be related to the communication app used by the company.


Onboarding is a long process and confusing for new hires. Employee onboarding automation with UiPath will make everything faster and reduce human effort. Cloud robots do most of the duties with UiPath integration services that run in the background. UiPath integration service enables automation by combining the power of UI and API calls.

Automate your employee onboarding process in a simple and time-saving way with Metclouds experts.