Customer Details

Skyfoam is a mattress company in India, delivering sleep-related products since 2003. Headquartered in Cochin, it makes polyurethane foam and has expanded into a corporate entity developing and manufacturing a wide range of high-quality mattresses and related accessories. Skyfoam has risen to the top of the bedding business because of its absolute commitment to customer service, affordable pricing, and high-quality goods. Sleep preference varies from person to person, with that viewpoint Skyfoam has created an amazing and diverse variety of goods that caters to everyone’s sleep needs and tastes.

Customer Problems

The company wanted an e-commerce platform for an easy buying process. Instead of delivering the products directly to customers, the orders need to be fulfilled through a dealer nearest to the customer location. The new platform should onboard all existing dealers into it.

Metclouds Solutions

Metclouds proposed Shopify as the e-commerce platform. The main aspiration for choosing Shopify among other platforms is its ease of use and its backend support for its users. Shopify makes it easier to set up an online store through simple steps and can define their requirements like payment gateway, shop theme, product pricing range, and many more within a defined time period. Shopify offers a wide range of themes like Wookie, District, Vendy, Roxxe, Testament, Icon to serve their users. Among these, we choose Wookie (multipurpose Shopify theme on ThemeForest) to develop a webshop for Skyfoam. We redefine the theme as per requirements and for the feasibility of use which makes the platform more attractive in its first look. After choosing the apt theme for the store the next crucial milestone was to add the products to the shop. Sleep preference varies from person to person, with that viewpoint Skyfoam has created an amazing and diverse variety of goods that caters to everyone’s sleep needs and tastes. Metclouds Managed to group and add all these products to the shop based on their dimensions, firmness, and type and also attached a collection of pictures to respective products to aid customer needs. This website allows users to leave reviews. The existence of an e-commerce store lies in its pricing strategy, to stand out from the crowd we introduced different pricing strategies for different states to serve our users. Another unique page is “where to buy”. It allows users to choose their current state and district, and provide information about the vendors in that area. We created a web portal for dealers and integrated it with Shopify so that whenever a customer places an order, the dealer in that location gets the order for fulfilment. Other usual pages include About Us, FAQ, Contact, and Support.

Customer Benefits

Having a website allowed the business to be found more readily on Google, and with consumers conducting research online before making a purchase. Skyfoam was able to increase its sales by 60% at the time of the pandemic. The use of the Shopify platform for online store helped Skyfoam achieve 99.99% uptime with no server management or hosting costs. The optimization of the platform helped it to achieve improved page load speed. The responsive theme from Shopify helped it to get more mobile user visits. The transition to the online store, keeping the dealers in the ecosystem, was made possible using the custom dealership portal. The dealers were able to get more sales from the company’s move and helped Skyfoam to earn the trust and acceptance of all existing dealers.

Technical Details

The technologies used in the project development

  • CakePHP – A Rapid Application Development framework for PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Shopify

Project Duration: 3 Months