Customer Details

The customer is a US based company.

Customer Problems

The customer had a Facebook page that required an active chat bot that enabled page visitors to take part in a feedback program. The customer wanted to have an active set of questions that could be frequently refreshed on their Facebook page for the feedback program.

Metclouds Solution

Metclouds performed the following as part of this engagement

  •  Conducted requirements gathering based on the Facebook specific feedback needs of the customer.
  •  Designed a standalone page that enabled uploads of the questions to be refreshed in each cycle.
  •  Created functional and technical specification design documents.
  •  Developed and tested the social media bot system.

Customer Benefits

The chat bot ensured that end customers were asked the right questions and were easily able to fill the surveys. The system also consolidated the results of the surveys to the customer and reduced substantial manual efforts.

  • By leveraging the global delivery model, Metclouds has helped the customer to reduce development costs by 87%.

Technical Details

  • PHP
  • Facebook APIs
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • CSS